Boost School Nutrition with Citrus Sunshine!

Infuse sunny optimism into your school with nutrient-rich Florida orange juice bursting with refreshing flavor. 100 percent Florida orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C and other nutrients that can help support a healthy immune system. Isn't it time you squeezed more citrus into your school?

100 Percent Florida Orange Juice = Quality Juice for Students.

Florida orange juice provides vitamin C, potassium, folate and thiamin. Fortified orange juice also includes calcium and vitamin D. One hundred percent orange juice helps keeps students feeling energized naturally, without added sugars or artificial sweeteners.


 Solving Juice Confusion

Solving Juice Confusion

Have you ever wondered what juice to serve your students? Contrary to popular belief, all juices are not created equal.

  • Look for beverages that are 100 percent juice.
  • Watch out for fruit-flavored beverages such as "drinks," "ades," "punches" and "cocktails." These fruit drinks often offer 5 percent or less real fruit juice.
  • Look for a wide variety of nutrients listed on the Nutrition Facts panel. 100 percent juice counts as a fruit that helps meet fruit intake recommendations.
  • A 6-ounce serving of 100 percent orange juice contains less than 85 calories and delivers among the highest nutrient densities of many commonly consumed 100 percent fruit juices.1

Choosing Quality Orange Juice

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that the orange juice served in your school is consistently delicious, as well as nutritious, for your students:

  • Always procure Grade A orange juice as graded and scored by USDA's system of standards.
  • Request 100 percent Florida orange juice from your supplier.
  • Choose an orange juice with a minimum score of 94 (based on the individual minimum component scoring of 37 for flavor, 20 for defects and 37 for color).

Only you can ensure that your students consume 100 percent Florida orange juice of the highest quality and nutrition to help support a healthy diet.

1 Rampersaud GC. A comparison of nutrient density scores for 100 percent fruit juices. Journal of Food Science, 2007; 72 (4); S261-S266.