Orange Varieties

Oranges have an easy-to-peel skin and a juicy interior with an orange color. They are zesty, sweet and juicy, and perfect for a light and healthy snack. The Florida orange varieties available nationwide are:

Tangelo Varieties

The Tangelo is a mix between a grapefruit and a tangerine, which produces a sweet, tangy flavor. It has a dark reddish-orange color and a pebbly texture skin and is fairly easy to peel. The Florida tangelo varieties available nationwide are:

Tangerine Varieties

Tangerines are small, dark orange fruits with a smooth, easy-to-peel skin and a deep orange color both inside and outside. They have a rich and sweet flavor and are easy to pull-apart because of their naturally formed segments. Tangerines are ideal for desserts or as a sweet nibble. The Florida tangerine varieties available nationwide are:

Grapefruit Varieties

Grapefruit are known for their tangy sweet taste. Interior fruit colors range from bright pink to deep red. They are perfect for peeling, cutting, sectioning and juicing. Eat as a snack, use in salads and recipes or drink the juice. The Florida grapefruit varieties available nationwide are:

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*Please keep in mind seasonal availability may change due to annual weather patterns or other conditions.